Where every idea is a good idea that is developed, tested, tweaked and prototyped

Blue Blocks believes in preparing the children to be not just ready for their future but also relevant in the future they will inherit. This means they will need to have a mindset that is creative, resourceful and ready for any challenge life throws at them. They need to be innovative and inventive to cater to the needs of the times.

Our innovation initiative is divided into several modules. We have an Innovation Lab that caters exclusively to experiments and model making where all concepts of science are shown.

Our Invention programme has a three pronged approach where at different ages the children are exposed to different elements of invention culminating in themselves inventing something by the time they are ready to leave school.

Our Drone programme is a first of its kind research and innovation programme in the country where children as young as six years old, are given the wherewithal to understand the different branches of engineering like mechanical, electrical and aeronautical engineering that will help them design their own drones.

Innovation Lab

At our innovation lab, the children start off by learning the application of every concept of science. They are mentored to do hands on work with materials where they are experimenting and experiencing the wonders of physics, chemistry and other sciences. This leads to their own interpretations and innovations.

Invention Timeline

Age 6-9 - Children learn of all the inventions of the past by experiencing the need for them and how they came about.

Age 9-12 - Children understand the current inventions. They innovate on the same to understand how they can be different to serve different needs.

Age 12-15 - Children start ideating, designing, prototyping their own inventions for their future in realtime.

Drone Research and Innovation Lab

Here we let the children’s imagination take flight. Where we give wings to their abilities to ideate, design and prototype drones that can solve real life problems. They learn where drones can fly and how, what design best suits their purpose and the technology to translate their idea into a working model.

Children Speak - Drone Ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

What age do you start this programme?

At 6 years of age when children move to Grade 1 they start these classes as well.

Will it continue to be a part of the curriculum in higher classes?

Yes. These programmes are structured to cater to children and their intellect as they grow older.

Is it backed by science?

Yes. Every experiment and model made is given with the concept and theory of science behind it.

Do you integrate it with subjects?

We go above and beyond just what is expected of this age group. All our activities here have basis in what the child does at class and more.

Do children make models?

Yes children make models and prototypes of every concept they are given.

Is there a mentor for this work?

Yes. We have dedicated mentos for innovation and drone programmes. Our Innovation mentor is a post graduate in chemistry and our Drone mentor is an aeronautical engineering from IIT. Both are also trained AMI Elementary Assistants.