Frequently Asked Questions

Admission Process

Are the admissions done all year round?

Yes. You can enquire for the same as soon as your child comes of age to fit any of the programmes we offer.

What will the school tour include?

Both parents visit the school. Our Parent Coordinator will take the parents through the various spaces in the campus and explain how the Montessori environment supports each child at different stages of development. The tour will be a hands-on experience where parents can see first-hand how the Montessori materials will hone the various senses of the children to help their intellectual and emotional development.

What is Admission Workshop?

Following the school tour, all visiting parents attend a group session where they are given details of the Montessori way of learning, the philosophy and pedagogy we follow at Blue Blocks and how it caters to the needs of children. We take parents through the journey their child will make at Blue Blocks and how it will serve in his/her academic and overall development.

Do you have branches?

Yes. Our Gachibowli campus has the primary environment while our Osman Nagar campus has both Primary and Elementary environments.

Do you provide transport?


Do you provide food for children?


How do I know the fee structure?

Once the admission workshop is completed, the school brochure along with the fee structure is shared with the parents.

About Us

How old is the school?

The school was established in 2009.

How many campuses do you have?

We have two campuses- our primary school campus is in Gachibowli that caters to Play Group and Nursery. Our Complete School campus in Osman Nagar, Tellapur runs a Nursery, PP1, PP2 programme and our elementary schools from Grades 1 to 6.

Is Blue Blocks recognised?

We are recognised by the state government of Telangana

Are you affiliated to any board?

We are affiliated to Cambridge International.

Are your teachers trained?

Yes. All our teachers are trained from Association Montessori International Netherlands.

What is the student-teacher ratio?

In the primary, the teacher student ratio is 2:20 and in elementary 1:25 with the provision of a trained assistant in both.

Montessori System


Montessori teachers act as guides to a child’s independence. The teacher gives each child a presentation of a concept using specifically designed equipment. The child is then free to explore the material and learn through self-correction. The teacher’s observation of the child helps to plan for future lessons.


Maria Montessori believed that play is the work of the child. Through curiosity, the child is able to explore their environment and work with desired materials at their own pace.


The Montessori curriculum is designed to move the child from concrete to abstract where every concept is given in the form of material for the child to explore through all senses- touch, sound, sight and others. This forms the basis for seamless transition to abstraction where the child can do complex work on paper.


What age do children join this Play Group?

As soon as your child is able to walk, you can enrol them into this programme. So around 1 to 1.5 years of age.

How long are children in this program?

They are in a play group until they are 2.5 years of age.

Do you toilet train the child?

Yes, we do.

Do you offer food to the children?


Do you have child friendly infrastructure?

Yes. Every chair, stool, chauki, cutlery, material are entirely child friendly and child size.

Nursery & Pri-primary 1, Pri-primary 2

What is different from traditional pre-school?

Montessori learning is entirely based on the children learning through five senses, learning on their own and at their own individual pace. It does not have textbook learning but learning through materials.

Are Montessori children able to transition to traditional school?

Yes they can readily join traditional school in grade 1 after our Primary program.

Grade 1 - 6

What are the timings of the school?

9 am to 3.30 pm

Upto what grade do you offer?

Our elementary programme is for grades 1 to 6 for children between the ages of 6 and 12 years.

Can a non Montessori child join a Montessori school at grade 1?

Yes. But it will be subject to observation of the child by the teacher.

Do you have exams?

We don’t have examinations but we have regular in class observations of each child and every new lesson is given based on proficiency in the precious topic. A tracker to check their progress is maintained for each child. That said, the Cambridge affiliation allows us conduct check points for children to test their learning as and when they are ready after ten years of age.

Grade 7 - 10

What is Erd Kinder?

Erd Kinder is the Montessori adolescent progamme that caters to the adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18. It is a farm school concept where children learn academics while living, working and maintaining their own ecosystem.

How will Cambridge education fit in here?

The children will follow the Cambridge curriculum and textbooks while using the same to learn how to manage their daily life and chores.

Will it be a residential school?

It will be semi residential.

What age do you start this programme?

At 6 years of age when children move to Grade 1 they start these classes as well.

Will it continue to be a part of the curriculum in higher classes?

Yes. These programmes are structured to cater to children and their intellect as they grow older.

Is it backed by science?

Yes. Every experiment and model made is given with the concept and theory of science behind it.

Do you integrate it with subjects?

We go above and beyond just what is expected of this age group. All our activities here have basis in what the child does at class and more.

Do children make models?

Yes children make models and prototypes of every concept they are given.

Is there a mentor for this work?

Yes. We have dedicated mentos for innovation and drone programmes. Our Innovation mentor is a post graduate in chemistry and our Drone mentor is an aeronautical engineering from IIT. Both are also trained AMI Elementary Assistants.

Prospective parents log on to the website or call us to register for an Admission Workshop held Saturday. All admissions will be processed in this workshop.