Less than a year ago, Blue Blocks founder Pavan Goyal donned a new hat- that of Head of the Innovation programme at the school. His goal was to unbox and nurture the limitless imagination of the six to 12 year old children in our Elementary Programme. He was hoping to build their skill set and equip them with enough knowledge so they start innovating by the time they were ready for college. Little did he know, he was lighting a match to an invention power keg.

Today, nine months after the launch of our new Drone Research and Innovation Centre at Blue Blocks, young innovators took birth. Five groups of children- all between six and 11 years of age, have shown that unfettered and unblocked minds of young children can see possibilities everywhere. So much so that they have filed a record five patents for their drone designs to solve everyday problems.

Our children dedicate their success as a tribute to Dr Montessori on her 150th Birth Anniversary.


Most of these ideas have come from what the children have seen around them and experienced or felt strongly about first hand.

Our Young Innovators

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“Meet Nayonika, Uma, Aditi and Akira- the young girls team that created a drone to deliver essential services to the homes of people. An idea that took shape in the early days of the Covid pandemic, the girls were eager to help out people unable to step out for essentials.”

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“These three young men are Ayushman, Sanshray and Dhairya who came up with the idea of a rescue drone to save children who may have fallen into open bore wells. They have been reading/hearing about this unfortunate tragedy that seems to befall us more often than not and decided to not just empathise but aide in providing a solution.”

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“This is the team of Aryan, Hasith and Akshat who took no time at all to come up with the idea of a security drone that will raise an alarm at burglaries, deter perpetrators with pepper spray and also douse fires apart from alerting the police.”

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“The team of Shourya, Anshul, Nihal and Vivaswath came up with a drone design to aide in the detection of covid patients in public places- especially railway stations and bus stops. The drone will do everything from taking the temperature of the suspected case to alert doctors.”

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“A drone that can sanitise surfaces without human contact was ideated and developed by our second all girl team of Aarini, Anya, Trisha and Ananya. Again an idea borne out of the pandemic, this team wanted to help maintain a clean and sanitised environment without humans being further exposed to infected areas.”

“These children will grow into a world that you and me cannot even begin to imagine. It is high time school education equipped them to not just survive but to thrive in their future. We believe that children need to be ready and relevant as they grow and for that critical thinking skills need to be nurtured. Experiential learning is the way forward, where we develop innovative mindset that will make these children problem solvers as adults. By creating innovation zones we encourage children to think creatively and apply technology in their solutions,” - said Pavan Goyal, Founder and Chief Innovator, Blue Blocks

“We are hoping to revolutionize the thinking and working of the school education system by our approach where outcomes are not realised in the distant future but right here and now. We hope the start we have made will encourage other young innovators and set up the roadmap for the country to follow,” Pavan added.

The Drone Research and Innovation Centre is a first of its kind in the country where research oriented learning is encouraged through observation, exploration, 3d modelling, experimentation, innovating, prototyping, and building. All this come as a natural extension to the work children do in their classroom as part of the Montessori programme right from ages 3 and upwards.

Experts Speak

  • R Ramanan
  • Mission Director Atal Innovation Mission, Additional Secy - Niti Aayog, Govt of India

“It is commendable that Blue Blocks school is encouraging young budding school student innovators to come up with indigenous patentable innovations leveraging its Drone Research & Innovation Centre in partnership with the private sector. Such initiatives will revolutionise education in our country, and will make India the hub of innovation in the next decade. It will usher in much needed design-based, critical thinking and innovative mind sets that will develop technology driven socio-economic innovations benefiting our future generations. ”

  • B. Kalyan Chakravarthy
  • IAS Principal Secretary Education Assam

“This experiment indicates how children's potential in the right ⁴direction can be unleashed through proper guidance. This school will serve a role model for pushing the envelope on creativity and latent talent amongst children.”

Children Speak - Drone Ideas