Location Gachibowli Campus
Class Playgroup
Age Group 1 – 2 1/2 years
Age for Admission 1 -2 years
Transition to the next Level At 2 1/2 years of age the child is transitioned to the Self-interpretive Environment 2 1/2 – 6 years (Nursery, PP1, PP2)



In the Toddler Environment (Playgroup) we cater to the following developments of the child –

Brain Development

The child’s brain collects inputs through observation of the surrounding environment, members of environment and through the sensorial impressions. All the activities given to the child at Blue blocks are designed to enrich these sensorial experience.


Movement Development

The child learns best through his hands and senses. For enabling the child to collect varied sensorial experiences, development of his hands and sense is crucial. In our environment we do not only give a lot of freedom for child’s movement but also create stimulative activities that will refine fine and gross motor skills.


Language Development

During the age of 1 to 2 1/2 years the child goes through certain very important sensitive periods for language development. This is the period when the child starts exploring the language and using it for communication.

We at Blue blocks make conscious and continuous effort to support the child’s urge to learn the language through carefully created activities. We also try to expose the child to as many as 7 languages.


Care of Self

Children get immense satisfaction when they are able to do things for themselves.

Dressing and undressing, wearing and removing shoes, blowing and wiping nose are a few such self care activities that the child is supported with consciously in our toddler environment.

Care of Environment

A child learns self-control and develops a healthy self-image if he is allowed to do the real day-to-day work like —washing fruits and vegetables, setting or clearing a table, washing dishes, watering plants etc.

These are the activities he sees around him on a daily basis, and he is naturally inclined towards performing them. As a result he develops co-ordination of movement and becomes independent in terms of taking care of his environment.


Food Activities

Children are naturally interested in food and food related activities. This may be hard to believe if feeding is a struggle with your child. But as a natural aptitude, children love doing all activities related to food.In the toddler environment children are introduced various food based activities, which help him fulfil on his inner needs and grow in independence and confidence.


Art Activities

Art, in the toddler community, consists mostly of an art form adults call scribbling. Other activities like gluing paper, easel painting support the interest for art in children.

Toilet Training

This is one of the most important aspects of becoming independent in regard of self care.The specially designed child size toilets at Blue blocks support the child in getting toilet trained.

Songs and Stories

Children are involved in a lot of action based songs. All the songs which we sing at Blue Blocks are reality based songs which the child can relate too. The same goes with stories. We involve children in short stories mostly which revolves around the child’s day to day activities, parents, home environment, activities and interesting things in the environment. Stories and songs based in imagination, mythology, or anything which the child cannot relate to at age are strictly avoided.