The AMI Primary Montessori Diploma Course is a full time programme designed to help students understand the theory and practice of Dr. Montessori’s Philosophy on Education. The course is over a period of nine months. Upon completion of the course requirements the students are awarded an International Diploma that enables them to work with children between the ages of 3 to 6 years.

Course Components

The AMI Primary Montessori Diploma Course (3-6 Age Level) is an intensive full time programme designed to help students study the theory and practice of the Montessori approach to education. The course of study spread over 9 months will help prepare students for working with children from 3 to 6 years of age. Dr. Montessori developed her core philosophy with this age group and the course deals with seminal ideas of her pedagogy.

Theory Lectures

The theory lectures will offer the students the opportunity to examine the development of the whole child, and the successive phases of child development. Special consideration is given to the formative psychologicalpowers of the child that leads to all-round development. The carefully prepared environment and materials and the role and attitude of the adult will also be studied.

Demonstration Lectures

The practical demonstration lectures deal with the function and presentation of the materials offered to children from 3 to 6 years of age in a Montessori environment. The aims of the materials, the technique of presenting them to the child and the age at which they must be offered will be discussed in these sessions.

Supervised Practice

During scheduled hours students will have an opportunity to practice with the materials. Students will be supervised and guided in the use of the materials and encouraged to develop and practice the techniques by which they will present the various materials to children.

Care of the Environment

Admission ProcedureStudents will also be asked to take responsibility for the environment everyday just as they would when they are with children. This is an essential aspect of the training that develops the students’ eye for the care and maintenance of the material and helps them to develop a familiarity with the set up of a Montessori environment.

School Observation and Teaching Practice

Students will be assigned to go to various Montessori environments in the city for observation and teaching practice. During this time they will be shown how to keep a record of observations and as well as have an opportunity to work directly with children under the supervision of an AMI trained adult. Students will need to budget for their commute to the various city schools.

Assignments and Albums

Students will need to submit work at regular intervals during the course, which will include theory essays, material making assignments and observation reports. Students will also prepare albums in the different areas – Practical Life, Sensorial, Language and Mathematics. Students will need to do four to six hours of organized work at home every day in order to complete all assignments

Email and Internet Access

Admission ProcedureStudents will need access to Email and Internet, as information will be sent to them regularly by email.


All lectures will be in English. Course work will need to be presented in English both orally and in writing. It will be necessary for students to take comprehensive lecture notes, and write original essays and prepare assignments based on course information. Students will also be required to explain theoretical principles during the Oral examination.


Students must have 90% attendance for each aspect of the course including time taken off due to illness. Attendance records will be meticulously maintained throughout the year. In case of absence, students should notify the Director of Training in writing, at least one day in advance. In case of illness the student should inform the training centre by phone or email immediately.


The students’ eligibility for appearing for the Examination will depend on the following:

  • 90% attendance for each aspect of the course
  • Punctual completion and submission of all assignments called for in the course of the year
  • Full payment of the fees
  • Completion of required hours of School Teaching Practice
  • Completion of required hours of School Observations
  • Completion of required hours of Supervised Practice

There will be two written examinations. Paper A will be on psychology and theory. Paper B will be on the practical aspects with the underpinning principles. There will also be an oral examination in which students will be asked to present the use of the material and explain the underlying theory.

An external examiner will be appointed by AMI to conduct the examinations. The Association Montessori Internationale awards the diploma after a successful written and oral examination and completion of all requirements for certification. The decision of the board of examiners will be final and binding. No appeals will be entertained.

Registered students who for valid reasons fail to appear for the examinations on the scheduled dates at the appointed time may be given the opportunity to appear at the examinations held the following year thereafter. They will have to apply for this opportunity in writing with a full and acceptable explanation. In case of medical grounds, a registered practitioner must attest the medical certificate. They will be charged the Examination Fee for the re-examination. Students appearing for re-examination in any of the four parts can do so ONLY the following year. They will be required to attend additional classes for which they will be charged a fee. They will also be charged the Examination Fee for the re-examination. Students who fail in the examination or re-examination and still wish to attain an AMI diploma will have to undergo another full course of training for which they will be charged the full Course fees including Examination Fee.


The Association Montessori Internationale awards the AMI diploma. It qualifies the holder to work with children in a Montessori environment between 3 and 6 years of age. The AMI Primary diploma is a highly valued qualification. It is a great asset to those who wish to open their own schools..

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