The AMI Assistants to Infancy course offers a comprehensive study of Montessori theory and practice to work with children aged birth to three in home environments and toddler classroom environments.Through their coursework, students learn how to guide healthy growth and development during these vital early years. The child at this age requires a safe, engaging, and nurturing environment to develop trust in themselves and their world. By offering age-appropriate activities and gentle feedback, the Montessori guide helps to build the child’s confidence in their emerging abilities, develop coordination and language skills, and gain independence in daily tasks and activities.

The Assistants to Infancy course focuses particularly on sensory-motor and language development. Other topics examined include school and classroom design, creation of toys and activities, parent support and consultation, and affiliated fields, such as obstetrics. For individuals trained in other levels of Montessori education, the information offered in the Assistants to Infancy course will support and augment their previous training. Most significantly, this course is practical; it will enhance any study of early childhood education, and will benefit any future parent.

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