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Admissions are only processed through an Admission Workshop held every Saturday.

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Admission Process

Step 1: Admission Workshop

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Step 2: Collect Admission Form.

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Step 3: Schedule a meeting with management. Call on +91-9000955050

About Blue Blocks

Blue Blocks follows the Montessori philosophy of guiding a child to knowledge rather than blindly imparting lessons. We trust in every child’s potential to be independent thinkers and hence provide an environment conducive to the self learning capabilities of the child. A holistic approach is adapted to direct the inherent inquisitiveness of children into gaining the necessary knowledge.

Blue Blocks offers primary and secondary level education in Montessori methodology at our two campuses in Gachibowli and Tellapur.

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Toddler Environment

(1 to 2 ½ years Play Group)

Your child is gearing up to come out of the familiar family fold and see a whole new world. Out Toddler Environment is the perfect place to start this journey.

Self Intrepretive Environment

(2 ½ years to 6 years Nursery, PP1, PP2)

Learning through experience is the best kind of learning. Our Self Interpretive Environment is ideal learning ground for the young seeking minds to explore and grasp knowledge.

Elementary Environment

(6 years to 12 years, Grade 1 to 6)

We have finally answered the question, what after Montessori? We provide a Montessori Elementary programme along with CBSE curriculum for Grades 1 to 6.

High school

(12 year to 15 years, Grade 7 to 10)

The Blue Blocks High School will offer CBSE curriculum for Grades 7 to 10 from the year 2022.




Dr Maria Montessori

Over 100 years ago, an Italian educator Maria Montessori unlocked the secret to enriching the formative years of children’s life. Her methodology of imparting knowledge was based on the children she taught and not the books she was teaching from.


Admissions are open all year long. Interested parents can register online for an Admission Workshop held every Saturday in the school campus to visit the school and process their admission queries.

Our School

The best foundation for your child’s formative years

Mixed Age Groups

By putting them in mixed age group classrooms, Montessori makes older children role models and younger children socially adept. They teach each other, help each other and form the basis for a community based on equality.

Custom designed equipment

Montessori uses materials that are scientifically designed to not just fit into tiny hands but also help in development of their sensory skills like sand paper letters and engraved numbers where they touch, trace and learn.

Practical Life

Montessori believes in preparing children to be able to co-ordinate themselves and their movements in real world. They learn to do everyday activities including care of self, care of environment and being graceful and courteous.


Montessori learning gives a child a free reign in the class to pick and choose the work of the day. This excites the curious mind and keeps it engaged.

Education Through Senses

The typical model of Montessori encourages children to work with materials for as long as necessary to understand concepts of everything from counting to cooking.


Montessori curriculum broadly includes six areas of learning – elementary movement, exercise of practical life, sensorial development, language, math and culture.

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Blue Blocks School

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Admission Workshop:

All enquiries will be answered in the Admission Workshop conducted every Saturday at the Blue Blocks campus. Register for the workshop here..

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