Frequently Asked Questions

About Positive Parenting

Where can I attend the positive parenting workshop?

We conduct Positive Parenting Workshops for parents who have children below 6 years, Every Saturday between 11am to 2pm at our school campus in Gachibowli.

How can I register for the Positive Parenting Workshop?

Click the following link: This link opens the home page for Blue Blocks. Under the Events Calendar click on the date and time which suits you best to attend the workshop, and follow the registration process.

Pre-admission FAQs

What age group you cater to?

We are a school wherein we cater to the age group from 1 – 16 years. However our admission intake is between 1 – 2 1/2 years of age.

What are the timings for one year old?

For One to two and a half year children there are 2 batches

Morning Batch – 9am to 11am

Afternoon batch- 11.15am to 1.15pm

What are the timings for 2 and half year old children.

For Self Interpretive environment the timings are:

Morning batch – 8.30 am to 12.30 pm

Afternoon Batch- 12.30 pm to 4.30 pm

What is the teacher child ratio in Toddler Environment?

For the Toddler Environment there are Maximum 15 children In a batch 2 directresses and two attenders.

What is teacher child ration in the Self Interpretive Environment?

In the self interpretive environment there are maximum 40 children and one lead teacher and one assistant teacher. There are 2 Attenders to support .

Do you have mother and child program / what do you do when children cry in initial days.

We want the transition from home to school to be very smooth , so we have a settlement time where one parent, grand parent or care taker have to be with the child till the time the child is completely  settled in the environment.  You may have to be in the environment or at staircase, wait in office and then out side the gate.

What is the admission process?

It’s a three step process:

1 Attend Positive Parenting Workshop

2 Fill Admission form

3 Attend one on one meeting with the Management.

How long is the workshop for, can I attend the workshop after the admission?

The workshop is for 2 and half hrs. You will get to know the kind of work we do here with Children  and give you a school tour. It is compulsory for both the parents to attend the  workshop before the admission.

What is covered in the Workshop?

In the workshop you will get to know child psychology , Development needs of children in first 6 years. Parents role and how can we support different developments in first 6 years.

How long is the Meeting with the management?

The meeting with the management will be for approximately for 3 hrs. And you will have to come with the complete filled admission form. Meeting cannot happen without the filled form.

What is Montessori?

It is a hundred year education system which is scientifically designed by Dr. Maria Montessori. She was a scientist and developed the age appropriate material for children which is interesting and fulfill their natural sensitivities for development

Are the teachers trained?

All our lead teachers are AMI trained.

How old is your school?

We are an 8 year old school.

Do you have another branch?

We are constructing a new branch near Tellapur, which will be ready in June 2017.

How can you keep my 2 and a half year old with older children, will he not be left out?(mixed age group)

A montessori environment is always a mixed age group environment where children of different age groups work together in the same environment, which works great with the children of this age group as they learn a lot by observing the older children. They also get a sense of community life while they learn how to socially interact with various age groups.

Can we pay the fee in installment?

The Fee is paid one time. You can speak to the Founder about the payment in one on one meeting with him.

Do you have transportation?

We do provide transportation, however transport ability can be confirmed only after the meeting with the Management.

Do you give transportation to toddler children?

Transportation is given to  Children above 2 1/2 years.

Post-admission FAQs

Do you provide Food?

Parents have to send a snack box. The food needs to preservative and emulsifier Free.

Do you have a uniform?

We do not have a uniform. Children can wear comfortable clothing which gives them freedom to run , jump and do all their activities with freedom.

When do children start writing in Montessori?

At around 4 years of age writing happens like an explosion (intrinsically directed) if the right kind of preparation has been given to the hands, senses and the mind.

What is the mathematics curriculum in Montessori? Is this the right age to introduced all addition, subtraction and multiplica-tion?

Children are introduced to mathematics at around 4 years of age when their mathematical mind is awakened. Children at this age experience a high need to quantify everything and hence according to their ability mathematics is offered in the self-interpretive environment. Children are introduced to the mathematical operations using concrete materials.