9-12 children on other hand are more directive and they begin to choose what they are interested in. They like to study everything in greater detail. Children in the elementary also want to work in groups.  This is the time of the clubs, peers, gangs, all become part of their social interaction. Their peers are so important that they spontaneously form groups and make the rules of the group, no matter how rigid or difficult, they select leaders and their followers, and all this because the child is urged by nature to make a further adaptation to the wider society. During this plane there is tendency to hero worship. They really admire heroes of various kinds. Along with this hero worship comes a deep sense of justice and compassion. They develop a true sense of justice, based on what you need. This child will stand up for the underdog, and they show the qualities of mercy and compassion. They are pre-occupied with what is ethical and right. This the time you hear them say that’s not fair. And the children seem to be telling the tales. It is in fact the exploration of what’s acceptable and not, good or bad, right and wrong which occupies their consciousness. The child is building the guide for behaviors through his own actions and work. This is the time when the children are going to question everybody’s behavior including yours. Hence our behavior has to be very consistent.

Basically Dr Montessori identified this plane as a sensitive period for morality and consequently a great importance to relationships. This sensitivity to moral issues allows them to develop their conscience.  Cosmic education as the guide to the presentation of the culture and knowledge was chosen by Dr Montessori to serve the psychological characteristics between 6-12 years. These characteristics are present to help the second plane child’s construction as a member of the society. During this plane imagination plays a large role because it makes it possible for the mind to receive theories and it enables child to visualize knowledge.

Imagination is developed on the basis of the individual being in contact with the reality. Imagination and the ability to abstract are the two great powers that we see in this plane. These two great powers need to be nourished and stimulated, in an environment prepared to meet the child’s needs. In this environment the children need to be free to be active in their own development. They need to be able to follow their interests. They need to use concrete materials, which allow them manipulation and repetition to reach the abstractions their minds are searching for (in their own time.). They should find a trained adult in the environment who acts as a dynamic link between the child and the environment. This adult must know and understand Montessori child psychology, this adult must be aware that their function is to serve the process of development and not mould the development. You must serve the individual needs which are based on the scientific objective non judgmental observation of those needs. Then protect the child’s concentration and foster their independence along with fostering their free choice and spontaneous activity. You must maintain the integrity of the prep environment, and remove the obstacles that might limit the potential to grow and develop.