The characteristics which stand out during the 6 – 12 years are the child’s need to escape a closed environment, the passage of the child’s mind to the abstract and the birth of morality within him. These serve as the basis for our approach for the prep of the environment and the work we introduce in the second plane. If we think of morals, social relations and the awakening of the conscious within the individual, we need to understand that they cannot come into a being simply either by talking about them or thinking about them. There are two sub planes in the elementary phase, 6-9 and 9-12 years. The reason we talk about these sub phase is because the 6-9 year old children are at the stage of development where the lessons, the stories and the materials which appeal to their imaginations enthuse them the most. By the second sub phase of the second plane 9-12 years, they are very calm intellectually and they want to pursue everything in more detail.

The foundation of the cosmic education is in the law and order of the universe. We need to show the interrelatedness of the universe. We need to show the children the planet on which we live and its’ furnishing with plants and animals and also human arrival. The vision of the whole universe is what holds the intellect and the imagination of the child.

We are giving the universe and its activities as a key to a different kind of exploration. The child then uses these keys to build an understanding of the universe and the people in it. The material we use serves as keys from which the child can continue to build his intellect. So cosmic education was the way in which Dr Montessori has asked us to expose the elementary child to an imaginative and reasoned exploration of the universe. Because children in this plane are imaginative and the exploration needs to be dramatic in which we present the earth as the prepared environment as the stage for the coming of the human being. Dr Montessori also emphasized the adult to foster in the child a sense of gratitude to the creator and a sense of gratitude to the man we all know.

The cosmic task of all the elements of the universe is the service to be rendered by each to the environment. Dr Montessori considered all expressions of creations to be agents of all creations. Human beings with their special gifts, she saw as agents for change.

A cosmic task can be for example leaves make the food for the rest of the plant, in the process of making the food they take in the carbon dioxide and expels the oxygen which we need, that she says is the cosmic task. She considered the cosmic task  as very important. The reason why the presentation of the cosmic education is done in the second plane is because out of all the children who were presented with this vision of the whole, the interconnectedness of all things, it is the children of the second plane who are most likely to ask, well what’s my role, task, part in this cosmic plan?

This phase is the time of interdependent thinking, the need to assess themselves, to evaluate themselves, they are seeking respect for their opinion as they want to form their own opinion. This is the age of rudeness, it apparently seems rude. Sometimes its not easy to deal

Elementary children will show you their work but they are very critical about their work and they are very insecure with their work. With second plane children when they master the skill they don’t seek your opinion. 6-12 is the most intellectual period of their life. The most sensitive part of this plane is 6-9 phase. This is the time the children are interested in everything, this is the time to sow the maximum number of seeds in their minds. The greater the exposure the greater the possibility of the development later. This is the time when the greatest appeal is made to their imagination.