Childhood would come to an end at the end of the elementary phase. This age group can be described as a preparation to adulthood. This plane parallels the first plane in terms of creative, delicate and huge physical and psychological changes. Physically this plane lacks the balances of growth as there is puberty when the endocrine system is in control.

The greatest transformation takes place from 13-15 and then 15-18 is period of civilization. It is a passage of childhood to adulthood. From the very first presence of the human being these passages have existed. The creation of this plane is the social personality of the child and the adaptation to the world he or she lives in. This is the time where Adolescents do not have a clear understanding of self. And this is partly why adolescents identify with pop stars or celebrities. Dr Montessori maintained that it is very imp that they are morally sensitive and they should be nurtured strongly during the second plane. Two big concerns during this plane are the search for self identification and adaptation to the society. The adolescent must make a willed choice for social consciousness. The education of the adolescent is in reference to Erd kinder. They should also have exposure to math and language as a preparation to adult life. She also said that children at this age should earn money, they needed financial reward for their labour.